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the only thing i’m mad about is there’s a poster in the nutrition department at not-job that says “enjoy your food/but eat less” and i’m so mad

at the lesson i shadowed at not-job there was also a part where she quizzed participants on nutrition questions from earlier in the lesson and if they won they won a bag of produce, some of which was bought but some of which is from our garden, that included instructions on how to use that produce, this is what i am going to be doing

i shadowed my first nutrition class and it was really, really cool! it was in low-income housing, and a lot of the class participants (most) were older with mobility problems. they were all so sweet and so eager to learn and actually already fairly knowledgable about the course material (it was on food safety). our curriculum is a lesson, then very simple exercises, then cooking, then everyone gets a free bag of groceries for participating. !! it was great everyone is great

i luv fair isle but also i’m so so particular about it 

i made a question mark cause i wanna fill at least some of this space with designs but now i’m distracted thinking about what if the yoke of this hypothetical sweater just had a design of totoros and question marks

i made a question mark cause i wanna fill at least some of this space with designs but now i’m distracted thinking about what if the yoke of this hypothetical sweater just had a design of totoros and question marks


like. seriously though, every time i look at a page that has a bunch of different colors of yarn if they have mint, bright yellow that’s a little orangey, and white i immediately want to buy them in combination. apparently this is just my favorite.


help i have this really specific sweater fantasy and it won’t let me go. it is: variations of these colors, (a lighter blue, can be more or less turquoise, a bright yellow, and white) some percentage of yarn with cashmere in it (merino/cashmere blend???), not costing hundreds of dollars. the ~dream sweater~ has the main color in blue with details in yellow and white. it is probably a pullover. there would be a yoke. i’ve been occasionally finding affordable merino/cashmere blends (typically on clearance) but it’s difficult to find something where i can get specific colors too agh i just want to have the most spoiled softest sweater in the world help

ummm. i had this dream last year and i ended up creating the bee sweater, which is a little different in coloring. so i can’t afford the fancy shit that’s mad out of but like i certainly have just noticed berroco vintage AND schachenmayr extra merino have very similar colors to these ummmmmMM i kinda wanna make multiple sweaters in different variations of these color schemes and i might because closeout on the latter

U gotta feel it out tho cuz sometimes u can have a successful date at the target and at best buy but sometimes ppl wanna like hike up in the woods and make food w their heads and hate capitalism
timebasedmetadatagod gave me some good advice about dating


still the best reference disney ever made

this is me in h&m trying in two different articles of clothing that are essentially giant blankets draped over me. i did not buy them. 

megrymo said: omg pick me! get some good snow boots, 100 wool socks, fleece-lined tights, satin long underwear, long down jacket, snowboarding mittens, hunting cap, neck gator. waterproof forever, layers forever, internet forever.



Celebrating my birthday on tumblr by releasing this cheesecakey photoshoot of me.

by Wesley S. Abney photography


it takes like less than ten minutes to walk from my house to h&m and forever 21 and i worry this is not good for me




Just for reference,  this interview is the source of my two favorite taylor swift gifs and also the source of the most succinct dismissal of John Mayer’s man-feelings in history

Actual new favorite minute of video. How had I never seen this before?

Time to get ready for and go to sixth day of six day workweek but like, NEVER FORGET this video, guys, never forget “well some of them like to write really long e-mails,” never forget “no, I just put those [extramean songs] on my albums,” never forget tall girl Taylor’s posture and inability to keep her limbs where they should be even in a 55-second, totally seated and stationary video

tall girl awful posture solidarity, concerned emails solidarity