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i will answer more tomorrow! now sleep.

I found you through RGR and I followed you becaused of gardening and cooking blogging and I stayed because of these thingss + your music and zine blogging!!! I'd still like to get my shit together and write for feminist skilljoys one day but I am so terrified of other people reading my writing.

awww tbh i have been slacking on writing feminist skilljoys after i stopped finding ways to make it also count for class credit, lol (i made it three consecutive semesters first though!) 

with-boots said: idk how I found you but you were my FIRST TWEE FRIEND

awww!! this is great to know! 



olivia keeps periodically moving from her “project cave” (set up at the kitchen table consisting of computer, charger, lamp, and many blankets) to the futon where she collapses in a heap. she’s “doing homework”


she says she is homework and yet all evidence points to actually she is brush teeth. 

i don’t know what i’m supposed to do so i’m just going to tell you things if you do this thing

i found you via rgr! i don't remember what in particular made me want to follow you. you are very sensible and bring a groundedness to your tumblr that is really refreshing even about things i don't know much about. also your style is sooooooo cute i'm jealous. ps i liked your vegetable poems!

aww this is also incredibly sweet! you blog a lot about things i wouldn’t otherwise be interested and make them seem interesting to me, like i can see the value in them because i see what you value in them. i think this is because you are a very good writer! it is amazing to me how prolific you are as a writer. 

the exuberance of your knitting! also you are so sweet and generous and smart and adorable and the reason I have been casually looking for mint green glasses to buy for the last like six weeks.

omg you are the sweetest. the amount of conversations i have about how great you are with other people would maybe surprise you. zennioptical has a number of mint green glasses i love but you likely know this already! 

I found you through rgr. Followed you because of interesting interests.



i like this because it’s like she was contractually obligated to follow my blog

I followed u bc of twee make gaze stuff! And continue to follow you bc you are a cute fellow twee girl! Who posts great recipes/selfies/crafty stuff!

~~twee girl solidarity~~ 

Pretty sure I first found you via Twee Male Gaze but then also crafts! And music and feminism otherwise expressed! and generally you're funny and a delight to see on my computer screen, so like.

thank you!! this is a pretty good summary of a huge chunk of my interests tbh

you can do the thing where you tell me why you followed me/why you still follow me if you want~~

olivia keeps periodically moving from her “project cave” (set up at the kitchen table consisting of computer, charger, lamp, and many blankets) to the futon where she collapses in a heap. she’s “doing homework”

noteworthy facebook chat interactions 

noteworthy facebook chat interactions 


  1. isnteverything said: I left almost three years ago but even visiting has been so bad for me that I’ve been on an Athens cleanse for 6 months and counting.
  2. isnteverything answered: IT’S A TRAP. I got out, but I have case studies.
  3. harvest-gold said: Marie nailed it with her comment on the last post. It’s never, EVER “just one more year” and you usually don’t have anything to show for it later
  4. coral-greef answered: tell her to talk to the kitchen and wait staff at the grit
  5. coral-greef said: marieyall is RIGHT, that is a big part of why I left bcuz all my friends were 30 and GOING NOWHERE. also my life was fucked up there but if i stayed it woulda stayed messed!
  6. impossibletospell said: Athens is sneaky like that. You do have an awesome house and friends, and it’s cheap to live here…
  7. AND OF COURSE marieyall said: every year you stay in athens after you initially plan to leave it takes like 2 years to even get ready to maybe leave and sometimes you NEVER LEAVE. only saying get out if you want (asap) but otherwise **embrace it**!!!
  8. also marie’s other testimonial