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gender & punk house bathrooms

SO i wanna discuss “punk bathrooms as a way of keeping an implicit male space” today because it is a topic i have been thinking about a lot. this discussion is kind of like, gender-binary-y, but i assume it works the same for all female-bodied people without like, a go girl or other similar device. 

in my punk house experience (and i am talking about roughly three different houses here that regularly hold punk shows) most of them have no toilet paper, like, ever, and of the ones that do it’s like a 50/50 shot it’ll be there. in two, the doors don’t lock. in one, there is no toilet seat at all AND the doors don’t lock. 

this is a way big deal for girls vs boys cause it is way easier to get around “gross toilet situation” if you are a dude—worst case scenario, you can just go outside (which frequently happens) you’ve got options. plus it takes you less time on average, so the likelihood of someone walking in on you is greatly decreased assuming the doors don’t lock.

i feel like this is a way to keep punk shows an implied male space, f’real. esp cause complaining that the bathroom is too gross for you to use is totally something that would get people being like OH WOMEN, EVERYTHING HAS TO BE UP TO THEIR ~HIGH STANDARDS~ or something. at least, i’ve heard women complain about that stuff to other women but never to like, the people who live at the houses or the show organizers or anything, and i’m assuming this is why. 

(solutions: getting go girls, peeing everywhere?) 

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    i don’t have much to add to this discussion except that I HAVE NOTICED that plush palace almost always has toilet paper...
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    P-Fuzz, I applaud your efforts & also sympathize with you re: party-people using TP for destructive pranks. This...
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    I would just like to point out how nice the new bathroom is at the trumbullplex and I advise everyone to use it before...
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    Apparently, you can also pee standing up by using your hands. But then you’d have to wash them. Personally, I’m ok with...
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    GO GIRL?!?!?!?! I’ve never heard of this. It’s awesome! Also, yes! The bathroom situation last night SUCKED so i’m glad...