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HEY TUMBLR I BOUGHT A BIKE TODAY. i got money for my birthday from my parents to buy a bike and i was gonna chill out about it and wait a while but then we went to ben’s bikes and this bike fits all of my qualifications SOOO. anyway i put a sticker on it (the satan goat not the crest, although the crest is my favorite) 

i rode it around to bishop park near my house and it was great! i think i will add streamers but i’m trying to find a way without taking the grips off—there is already a little hole so i might just cram em in and see if i can put a screw or something in there. 

anyway i’m planning on biking to school next semester because i will live much closer! i’m really out of shape so i’m going to start trying to bike at least a few times a week this summer. i still need 1. a helmet (don’t worry i’ll get it like asap) 2. some reflective lights 3. a basket (so i can ride it to the co-op and put groceries in there) 

it also needs a name. biiiiiiike!!! 

  1. marieyall said: daaamn, i am really jealous! i wish i had $$$ for a legit bike. helmet right away!!! even the cheapo $20 ones from academy are just fine.
  2. uhh-um said: this is a purty bike
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