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anyway i got that other picture to work so hopefully this will too, fingers crossed. here is the shawl i made—the true color is somewhere between the top and bottom photos. i am proud because i don’t usually do lace! i think it will be good for wearing pinned together with a brooch. 

  1. impossibletospell said: So I just found this site, and oh the lace /collar patterns it turned up: antiquepatternlibrary.o…
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    i want E to make me one! :p
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    I am enjoying this manta ray sculpture.
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    Holy crap, this is gorgeous. I can’t imagine the work you must have put into this.
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    that’s it i am getting back on the bandwagon i am thinking LACE COLLARS?! THE PINNABLE KIND?! DEAR WORLD: WHO HAS A...
  7. clambistro said: It’s like an amazing space stingray!!
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