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i was just in walmart long enough to feel like death (over an hour) getting increasingly hopeless at finding my desired items when i heard someone loudly whistling rue’s song periodically, with progressively more urgency

stacey-marie on the accordion WALMART THE BAND

stacey-marie on the accordion WALMART THE BAND

so i took a roll of diana film into walmart because i heard they develop it for way cheap. i did this like almost four weeks ago, and i assumed they would call me because i left my number and that’s how it’s always worked with wolf camera (who develops 120 film for uh, $16-20) so today i called them today and they said it’d been in, so i guess they just don’t call, because walmart.

they were super confused about how crappy the pictures were, as i guess most people unfamiliar with toy cameras would be? i’m pretty sure they thought there was some mistake in development. the lady offered to give me a discount because some of them didn’t turn out right but like, i don’t really need a discount on $1.67 for something that wasn’t even their fault! (they also included the “old or damaged film” insert, which was cute, because actually the film’s fine the camera just sux) as daniel put it, “walmart doesn’t understand lo-fi”

anyways, here are some pictures. i put 4x4 by mistake and usually i like to get them 5x5, but i’ll do that in the future whatever. 

featured: el hollin when it was a 3-piece, some boring photos of me alone in my room, titans of filth when i was in it, daniel’s face but really mostly darkness, missy and raoul selling their wares. 

if you can convince me to not be lazy i might scan a couple as opposed to just taking shitty cellphone pix. 



Our pal Stacie Grissom (she wrote our scarf camera strap tutorial!) just shared this incredible tidbit.

Walmart processes 120 film for $3! Apparently they send it out. We’re not sure if this is at all Walmarts, so give yours a call.

Tip: Walmart Processes 120 Film for $3

i tell people this and no one believes me. my walmart used to process my diana prints for like $1.50.

man i hate walmart but i have all this undeveloped film lying around… 

(i used to get mine done at wolf camera for like $20)

*Adapted from Facebook
Melissa: Every evening on my way home I see Walmart shuttles. discuss.
Blair: those are taxable dollers being spent outside the city and they are free and they help people acess cheep food. obvsly wallmart is evil and all but I am glad the shuttles come to detroit... I also think churches/social groups need to stat afordable food co-ops that can deliver food to peoples homes.
Another person: maybe we need to get vans and take people to better grocery stores then! because fuck Walmart big time. With their sexism, racism and anti-union business. although I do see your point Blair.
Blair: wallmart is filling a vacuum that exist for like a billion reasons, we either need to fix the billion things that created that vacuum and accept the social utility of wall-mart until we do so, or create a bunch of other awesome stuff to fill the vacume and then bomb all the wallmarts... I'm down for the second plan but I feel like the first is going to help the mothers who need to feed their kids tomorrow more
[RGR interjection: For me, the utility of walmart is 1) where your mother buys her cats' food]
Other person: I agree! the second is idea, but the first is what seems to be the choice for now at least. although I don't know how I feel about bombing things. personally.
Blair: the value of U.S. bonds are largely tied to trade policies between the U.S. and China, which is effected the most by Wal-Mart's spending patterns and as such it is in the best intrests of those who wish for the U.S. to have a funded military to protect walmart. it dosn't make much sence to attack poor folks who need food for shopping at walmart when there are no other options available. so the destruction of walmarts would have to be the result of violent guerilla style attacks because those who have an intrest in defending walmart are also those who are pro-militarisation the only kind of defeat they could comprehend would be in the terms of property destruction.
Blair: I didn't do the best job of explaining myself there but basically 'you can't destroy the masters house with the masters tools'
Blair: basicaly the way I view wal-mart is like a big pile of free stuff that I actuialy feel good about taking
[RGR interjection: 2) for the lifting of the best lipsticks, because God makes no mistakes when he puts Hard Candy only in the retail chain from which you feel the most gleeful about stealing]
[RGR interjection: Burn to the fucking ground, aisle six (but only after I pocket all of your lipsticks)]


I am conflicted about this issue! Although I did sign the petition against putting a Walmart in downtown Athens, I can’t deny that the presence of a Walmart does do some helping for some people sometimes. & not everyone “hates” Walmart.

I read an essay in a zine called MAKE (if I remember correctly) years ago, which really knocked me off my punk/privileged high horse. I did used to be the kind of smartass anti-capitalist who would agree with boycotting big box corporations as much as possible — JUST DON’T SHOP THERE, PEOPLE, DUH. But you wanna tell that to maybe the single mother of five who is actually able to feed and clothe her children on cheap Walmart products? I still often forget that as a punk/ex-punk/grownup-punk with radical ideals that I am living a type of poverty that is not the same as others’, and I’m living in a bubble where most people around me agree with my lofty ideals. I used to be able to avoid shopping at Walmart because I could dumpster-dive groceries, but this is still not a thing that many people are aware of or comfortable doing. So while we may see it as survival or just a fun scam for free shit, it’s still a privilege that we have the time to practice.

It’s also a privilege to even be able to support local businesses, at least in Athens. I would love it if I could get all my groceries locally from the Co-op and Farmers Market, get clothes from independent downtown boutiques or handmade/crafty fairs. But that shit is overpriced for me, and rightly so, because having worked for small businesses I know how much of a struggle it can be to stay afloat. I’m way below the poverty line, and I’m supporting another person as well. I can only afford the necessities at the cheapest possible price, which means groceries at Piggly-Wiggly and that rare “new” pair of jeans at the thriftstore.

A downtown Walmart, as “evil” as it may seem, is helpful to the working poor, especially those without cars. It may be overkill to have three Walmarts altogether, but when someone says, “there’s a Walmart 10 minutes away!” remember that this is car-speak timing. 10 minutes in a personal car does not equal walking time or public transit time. Additionally, Walmart does provide jobs to many individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to make an income easily (the elderly, the disabled, those with less-than-perfect employment histories etc.). While it could be sad to consider these folks having to be “relegated” to a crappy job at Walmart, for many people, A JOB IS A JOB. & it might be shitty and have discriminatory policies and poor working conditions but IT IS A JOB and many, many people don’t have the luxury of quitting a job because they “didn’t like it” or the boss was a jerk or the work wasn’t “fulfilling.” Many people will take whatever they can get if it means they can pay their rent and put food on the table.

This isn’t necessarily a pro-Walmart post, either. Like I said, I voted against it mainly because I think it would be ugly and unnecessary downtown, and I don’t want that beautiful old Jittery Joe’s building torn down. And I don’t want Walmart waste getting into the river nearby. And I’d rather see a decent grocery store downtown, if they’re going to put some big box in. And I’d rather see more funding going towards a better public transit system so that places outside the hip, downtown area are more accessible. And I’d rather see people (including myself) fighting this sort of thing in more concrete ways than signing a petition and feeling sad and angry and helpless.

This is meant as more of a privilege-check or at least recognition that protest can be a luxury activity, and having anti-capitalist or otherwise radical ideals can sometimes not really matter much at all if you don’t have a strong community that provides frequent, easily-accessible and affordable alternatives to having to financially support corporate America.

The real problem here isn’t whether or not to put a Walmart downtown, how good or bad that might be for the community overall. The problems lie deeper within this system which has conflated competitive wealth with virtue and hard poverty with vice; a system based in racism, ageism, and ableism; a system where most everyone feels like they are endlessly struggling one way or another and there’s no way out. I think it’s way more “revolutionary” for the community to provide for itself, especially utilizing alternatives to capital. We have to work with what we’re given to a certain extent — we have to respect that not everyone has access to the luxury of having a choice — but we can also work around it without having to be completely dependent on a toxic system. We can be the ones providing for ourselves in terms of organized carpools, bike shares, skill trades, free childcare, etc. And we do have things like Food Not Bombs and the Really Really Free Market, which are great, but we could make these things happen more often and more easily, too. There are so many ways we can help ourselves out as a community without having to wait around, pleading to politicians to direct this money to that thing instead of the other thing.

In any case, I’m getting sidetracked here. HELLO: I REALLY WANT TO BEGIN ORGANIZING A CHILDCARE COLLECTIVE. This seems huge and scary but totally important and necessary and I don’t know where to start. Please get in touch if you are interested?

this is a super-important discussion to have. if we can all recognize walmart is not the solution we want, we should also pose other solutions, i think.

i have some childcare-related information! i heard earlier about plans to open a branch of kelli’s childcare collective in athens. i missed the meeting/training because i had to work, and i haven’t heard anything about it since, but i would be interested in volunteering still! (i don’t know how facebook works but if you can’t see that event, fb message me and i’ll give you the details about it) like, i’m pretty sure this is still in conception stages (as far as i know) but maybe there could be more volunteer training time organized? 

Hey guys, Wal-Mart is gross.


…and I think we can agree that putting one downtown would be a bad idea.

Read this:

then sign this:

and maybe go to this, if you have time: